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TouchPoint provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management solutions that are fully integrated and custom tailored to the specific business processes and product offerings of the group, combined with a Professional Services Department that know their member base and can deliver in-depth training, product education, marketing and member support that ensures a long lasting and successful relationship.

“TouchPoint’s proprietary systems and technologies optimize the relationship between customers and products while reinforcing loyalty, engagement, and enhancing value for all.”

Towards that end, we require and manage efficient, bi-directional partnerships with product and service providers, using both human and intellectual capital, to deliver a best-of-breed experience for both the group and the individual consumer.

The nation's largest and most respected associations, affinity groups, and professional societies rely on TouchPoint for help in achieving member acquisition and retention goals. These clients are securing a competitive edge through value-add products and services, including insurance, financial services, and specialty products they offer to members.

TouchPoint delivers a mix of expertise, innovation, technology, and services as well as partners who understand clients’ unique needs, building relationships that strengthen positions and coordinate the marketing that increases member participation.

TouchPoint’s benefit professionals and partners provide consultative advice to help design attractive and valuable programs, and develop and implement the most effective marketing materials, promotion programs, and benefits while facilitating electronic enrollment and reporting.

TouchPoint’s technical platforms shoulder the responsibility of customer’s non-core business processes in order to minimize administrative load and operating costs while maximizing service to member-customers. This allows clients to focus on their strategic competencies.

The internal tracking system of the TouchPoint platform maintains transactional and historical data, detailing when information was provided and tracing service issues through the process. Prompt, accurate payments to marketing partners, associations and brokers are facilitated by a state-of-the-art check-writing and distribution system, which is capable of processing millions of transactions.

The platform is amplified by the company's ability to have a voice to voice relationship with each member-prospect and member-customer through the use of TouchPoint’s customizable call center solutions. This allows TouchPoint to act as a valued resource for participating members, and serve as their advocates in finding answers and engaging solutions.